Cyverse: year 2271_
Technologically advanced cities around the world join forces and link their systems to each other creating a vast network called CY.NET.
The network was constantly updated with new information and was shared with everyone which sped up advancements in all aspects of sciences, literature, and the arts.
Soon enough, more cities and then whole countries were inspired to join. CY.NET grew extensively until quite literally almost the entire world was covered by this vast network.
Eventually the network spilled out towards the stars and soon solar systems were linked. This is when CY.NET became CY.VERSE.
As if all this was too good to be true, when mankind was advancing toward a non currency based society, not everyone agreed with it’s trajectory. Some started to put price tags on crucial information. Almost hijacking it and asking for a ransom. This created a chain reaction and the once free information flow came to a halt and the informational utopia faded away.


Nearly eradicated poverty reappeared, along with a host of other issues.
The network became centralized and the flow of information started to be monitored and regulated. Even the information that was already out there was recaptured and suspended in various data blocks throughout the CY.VERSE.
Factions, and mega corporations form to fight over information through espionage, manipulation, and sabotage.
People have almost forgotten the origin of CY.VERSE, and how information was free. For the people who cared about information, the past turned into an utopian prophesy, seemingly unattainable, because they have forgotten that it was once actually real.


One day, a man called Toshi Naka accidentally gets hold of a loose data block and upon examining it, finds a piece of data from the ‘utopian’ past. Confirming, the Utopia was real.
He develops an algorithm called EXE.GESIS that translates and interpretes data into virtual imagery. 
Combined with the Utopian Data Block, Toshi Naka creates a benign virus and releases it into the CY.VERSE before he disappears.


Some people who stumbled on the EXE.GESIS floating in the network realized what kind of verse they lived in and started looking for more data. The number of those people slowly grew, and developed methods of effective data diving/hacking. The ones who target big data.vaults are called DIVERS. They dive for crucial data that is withheld by mega corps and other factions, and release it out into the public network. They use special diving/hacking pods.
With the data they gain, they also gain a form of currency that the divers called $CREDZ. First, the currency was used among themselves and a small group of people. But as they release more data into the public, more and more places started to accept $CREDZ as an official currency.
CY.VERSE slowly begins to be reborn and the fight against large factions and mega corps who are trying everything to stop the divers starts... To read more about each Cyverse character please go to
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