Bitblockz is a crypto P2E indie game studio created by a group friends, who love playing crypto games. We are experienced in marketing, programming, game development, branding and the play-to-earn aspects of the current crypto market.
We saw the opportunity and the necessity to build a fun and amazing-looking crypto game that could help people all over the world create a source of income while increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
To contact the team you can write to us at [email protected]
CY Morph


LinkedIn: Blockchain and crypto community builder since 2017. Juan is a social entrepreneur and crypto investor with a passion for new technology. Experienced in creating startups in the tech and e-commerce industry.
11 years of experience in administration, purchasing management and budget control. Jose is a board game hobbyist, and collector who enjoys strategy and creating game strategy. Crypto investor and miner since 2019.
Tech Advisor
Senior-level technology leader with extensive and diverse global application and infrastructure development, support, and technology services experience, backed by a consistent record of delivery. 20 years of Information Technology leadership and hands on experience.
Art Director
20+ years of experience in the creative industry. Zie is a professional graphic designer, and an award-winning photographer with a passion for character design & development, and NFTs.
Marketing Director
LinkedIn: 14 years of combined experience in marketing and leadership. Lisy excels at strategic planning, digital marketing and team building. She is passionate about crypto games, NFTs and new technologies.
Game Developer
20 years of experience in multiple disciplines creating multimedia experiences using variety of tools. Started out as a graphic designer/animator to later become a frontend/game developer and 3D generalist for the last 10 years. Also, an avid Crypto & NFT enthusiast.
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